Monday, September 19, 2005

Using eclipse console view in RCP

In RCP it is possible to add the eclipse console as a view to a new RCP. Here is an example how to add the console view to your perspective and link all output messages to it:

public class MyPerspective implements IPerspectiveFactory {

public void createInitialLayout(IPageLayout layout) {
MessageConsole myConsole = new MessageConsole("Console", null); // declare console

ConsolePlugin.getDefault().getConsoleManager().addConsoles(new IConsole[]{

MessageConsoleStream stream = myConsole.newMessageStream();

PrintStream myS = new PrintStream(stream);
System.setOut(myS); // link standard output stream to the console
System.setErr(myS); // link error output stream to the console

Now every System.out.println or log4j output will come out on the console. VoilĂ  :-)

PS: the code above MUST
come directly after createInitialLayout(IPageLayout layout) and before any other code!


Blogger Marco Lopes said...

Great example. The first one that fully explains how to redirect system.outs to an RCP app.

12:02 PM  
Blogger Tim Cleland said...

Thanks! Just wanted to add that putting the following code in the same function will add the console view to your app.

layout.addView(IConsoleConstants.ID_CONSOLE_VIEW, IPageLayout.BOTTOM, .7f, editorArea);

You'll also need to add the dependency on the plugin org.eclipse.ui.console to your plugin.xml

1:41 PM  

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